Garden Bed Borders Cairns | Functional & Ornamental

Garden bed borders Cairns come in an array of shapes, sizes and materials. Fundamentally, the purpose of a garden bed border is to create a demarcation line, between the garden and its surrounds. However, not all garden bed borders are the same. You can customise them to suit your property, style, application and budget.

When considering the best way to proceed with your garden bed border Cairns, it’s important to look at your property and the positioning of the garden bed. If the border is adjacent to the wall of your building, then choose a material and colour that harmonises with it. However, if it’s a garden bed border that will sit in the middle of your lawn and/or be used to create a zone or pathway, then think bold colours and boulders.

At Garden Art Landscapes we don’t have a favourite type of garden bed border Cairns. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve. We’ve created hundreds of them over the years, raised and flat, curved and straight, block, brick, pavers, timber, concrete and stone. We’ve done it all. If you’re thinking of getting a new garden bed border Cairns, contact Marie for a free consultation and quote today on 0434 082 420 or


Garden Bed Edging Cairns | Raised or Flat

Raised garden bed edging Cairns is not to be confused with retaining walls. Retaining walls are structural and need to be designed to withstand the forces of a large mass of earth. These are common on properties, with sloping blocks. Raised garden bed edging is usually one or two blocks high, providing a barrier between your mulch and plants and surrounding landscape.

Flat garden edging can be curved or straight and constructed in a range of materials. For a modern, minimalist look we like poured form concrete. For a more traditional garden bed edging Cairns, think hard moulded plastic or timber. Both work well on their own, or can be paired with large stones for a more natural look.

A popular request we get for garden bed edging Cairns, is to create a neutral zone between the side of a property and its adjacent garden. It’s never good to grow plants against a building, from a structural and a pest perspective. Also, the wide eaves on our Cairns houses, tend to create ‘dead’ zones where nothing grows, except weeds. As such, why not surround your property with a pathway of stones, which can also include pavers. Professional laying and garden bed edging Cairns completes the look, creating practical and neat presentation.

A well built, raised garden bed border Cairns can also be used to create a multi-dimensional layering effect in your garden. Essentially ‘lifting’ your garden bed out of the lawn. These can be built using blocks or pavers, or for a more modern, contemporary appearance, why not consider using gabion. We can fill the cage with the type and colour of stone, to complement your garden and property, creating a ‘wow’ result.

Garden bed borders are a quick and cost-effective way to give your garden a mini-makeover. They’re popular with many of our customers, for their functional aspects, as well as their stylish good looks. If you’re looking for a professional garden bed border Cairns contractor, contact Marie today on 0434 082 420 or email

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