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Dog friendly garden landscaping Cairns is something we specialise in at Garden Art Landscapes. Why? We love dogs! Owner Marie Jenkins has two beagles, who love roaming around and exploring her garden. There’s two aspects to our dog friendly garden landscaping Cairns services; design and plant and secondly, provide advice on safe products to use.

When designing a dog friendly garden, we take many aspects into consideration. The first one is grass. Dogs love to play and pee on it and dog urine contains concentrated nitrogen oxides, which can ‘burn’ the grass. No one wants a lawn covered in brown patches, so choose a robust species like Buffalo.

Then it’s all about the dog friendly garden landscaping Cairns. What features make a great dog friendly garden? Formal pathways are a great idea, made from stone, pavers or brick. This allows the dogs to fulfil their natural prowling instinct, without wearing a path in the grass. Consider including a flowing water feature; this is not only delightful for people, it also provides a constant supply of fresh water for your dog.

Choose plants that will provide shade and are safe for dogs. Did you know there’s many types of plants that are toxic to dogs? We do and can ensure your dog friendly garden landscaping Cairns project, only uses plants which are safe for your dog. We also suggest and specialise in, raised garden beds. This not only vertically separates the garden from the ground, it leaves grassy areas for the dogs to play and relax.

Garden Dangers For Dogs Cairns | Keep Them Safe

Garden dangers for dogs in Cairns can include the types of plants and fertilizers you use, as well as local pests, such as cane toads and ticks. We can’t help with cane toads and ticks, other than to suggest you take all appropriate cautions and protection. We can help with advice on plants and fertilizers, which are safe to use.

Most garden lovers frequently use fertilizers to keep their lawn and plants, looking their best. But did you know that fertilizers contain some products that are garden dangers for your dogs? This includes, but is not limited to, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, herbicides, fungicides, iron, copper and zinc. So, if your dog is exposed to the product directly, or inadvertently ingests it through exposure to the fertilizer on your lawn and plants, side effects can range from mild to deadly.

It goes without saying you need to be careful of using any rat, mouse, snail and slug baits around your garden. These are highly toxic to dogs. You may not be aware of the potential danger of compost bins though. While compost bins are great for your garden and gardening, they may also contain bacteria and mycotoxins, which are very dangerous for your dog.

Garden Art Landscapes love making gardens come to life, for people and their fur babies. We know all the dog friendly garden landscaping Cairns tricks of the trade. The right turf, the right plants and the best ways to maximise the aesthetic, functional and furry friendly aspect of your garden. Contact Marie today for a free dog friendly garden landscaping Cairns consultation. Call 0434 082 420 or email

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